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kathak dance | dil to pagal hai (1998)

There isn’t much Madhuri Dixit can do wrong in my eyes and it all stems from my childhood love for her, which peaked with this movie, Dil To Pagal Hai, and her other movie, Lajja. First of all, her dance in this track is mesmerizing. I know her other dances “Are Re Are” and “Koi Ladki Hai” stand out as the most famous in this film, but I (humbly) disagree. Her dance here always blows me away because she is perfection when it comes to kathak. I know it is difficult to even be ‘good’ at any classical Indian dance form, let alone great so seeing this just…wow.

Kathak and other classical Indian dance forms rely heavily on expressions, grace, and isolated movements. Growing up, I didn’t appreciate the dances until I began to note just how intricate each dance form is. A dancer has to be precise in the steps, but fluid also; the expressions have to match the step as well (since the dancer is telling a story), and most importantly, control. The dances require a fascinating balance between restraint and freedom — god, I love classical Indian dance forms. And Madhuri. Oh my god hi Madhuri.

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